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Media and Elections: Democratic Transition in Malaysia

Editors: James Gomez, Mustafa K. Anuar, and Yuen Beng Lee

Publisher: SIRD

ISBN: 9789670960968

Pages: 223pp

Price: RM40.00

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Media and Elections: Democratic Transition in Malaysia examines the central role of the media in Malaysian electoral contests. The book unpacks how a potent mix of regulation and crony media ownership in Malaysia has created a mainstream media that is biased towards the ruling regime, especially during elections. Drawing from research into how the different media tried to impact voter behaviour during the 13th General Election, the authors in this volume forecast that the online landscape is where the communications contest will play out in the 14th General Election. In the run up to the next general election, political opinion continues to be polarised over social media in Malaysia. This has prompted the government to legislate the online space which has in turn implications for freedom of expression. This book is highly recommended to academics, analysts, civil society activists, commentators, election candidates, journalists, media owners, voters and all others interested in freedom of expression and online electoral communications is Malaysia.


This book is a primer for what is to come in the next general elections as the government realises that the ‘old media’ has pretty much run its course in Malaysia. It also comes in the era of fake news, something that has been going on in Malaysia under the guise of news for the longest time.

Media and Elections: Democratic Transition in Malaysia provides valuable insight into the 13th General Election where the online media was the market of ideas and main battleground for the government and the opposition. The lessons and observations from the 13th General Elections will be useful for the next one. As such, this book is a timely addition to any library and for those who want to make sense of the Malaysian media landscape.

The media has become the main tool to influence rather than inform, and sadly, will be used even more in coming elections as Malaysians move from print and broadcast to that little device in their hand that allows them to read, watch and listen – and hopefully get informed rather than just influenced. Get the book, read it up and know more.

Jahabar Sadiq

Editor, The Malaysian Insight

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