​Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Essential Reference Guide

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Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Essential Reference Guide

Author: Priscilla Roberts
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9798765121627
Weight: 0.28 kg
Pages: 377
Year: 2014
Price: RM191

Truly an essential reference for today's world, this detailed introduction to the origins, events, and impact of the adversarial relationship between Arabs and Israelis illuminates the complexities and the consequences of this long-lasting conflict.

The Arab-Israeli conflict remains one of the most contentious in modern history, one with repercussions that reach far beyond the Middle East. This volume describes and explains the most important countries, people, events, and organizations that play or have played a part in the conflict. Chronological coverage begins with the Israeli War of Independence in 1948 and extends to the present day. A one-stop reference, the guide offers a comprehensive overview essay, as well as perspective essays by leading scholars who explore such widely debated issues as the United States' support for Israel and historic rights to Palestine.

Important primary source documents, such as the UN Resolution on the Partition of Palestine and the Camp David Accords, are included and put into context. Further insight into drivers of war and peace in the Middle East are provided through biographies of major political leaders like Menachem Begin, Golda Meir, Yasser Arafat, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Anwar Sadat.

Provides a comprehensive overview of one of the most complex conflicts in modern times, clarifying its causes and consequences
Inspires critical thinking through perspective essays on topics related to the conflict that generate wide-spread debate.
Takes into account events such as the impact of the Arab Spring and the ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear capabilities
Offers valuable insights into the backgrounds and philosophies of the leaders on both sides who have helped defined the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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