Malaysia Towards Ge15 and Beyond

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Malaysia Towards Ge15 and Beyond 

Author:  Lim Teck Ghee & Murray Hunter
Publisher: SIRD
ISBN: 9789672464495
Pages: 153
Year: 2022
Price: RM32

“[W]hen articles are written by astute commentators of the calibre of Hunter and Lim on the historical achievement of Malaysian voters rejecting BN after 61 years of unbroken, continuous rule, and the emergence of the nation’s first alternative governing coalition, they deserve to be collected in a handy publication.  After all, they represent the first draft of history, and would serve as the first port of call for scholars in future decades researching the truly historic period of 2018-2021 when posterity beckoned.”
Tommy Thomas
Former attorney-general of Malaysia

“As Malaysians anticipate GE15, we would do well to read these well-researched analyses by two of our best academics to avoid repeating the same follies of the past. With the two main political coalitions becoming interchangeable, Malaysia risks becoming a failed state if a progressive Third Force does not emerge soon to resolve the Malaysian dilemma.”
Kua Kia Soong
Socialist with Malaysian characteristics

“It is common and even fashionable for Malaysians to lament on what’s wrong with the country, blame politicians and the system, and then sink into hopelessness and helplessness. Instead, we need to ask hard questions, examine possible options, decide on viable solutions and team up for collective action. This book by Hunter and Lim is an invitation for Malaysians to stare into the dark forces overshadowing Malaysia’s past, present and future and walk out of the woods of despair.”
Wong Chin Huat
Professor, Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia

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