​Siti Sadiah: Driven By Vision, Mission And Passion (Hard Cover)

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Siti Sadiah: Driven By Vision, Mission And Passion (Hard Cover)

Author/Editor: Rokiah Talib

Publisher: UKM Press

ISBN: 9789674121570

Weight: 400g

Pages: 309

Year: 2013

Price: RM110

This book describes the classic journey of a lady with exemplary management skills that transformed the private healthcare landscape of the country under the vibrant brand of KPJ. What is unique about Siti Sadiah is that she was an active member of the pioneers that started the first private hospital in Johor when she prepared the feasibility paper for setting up a private hospital in 1974. What began as a pilot project in 1981, later grew into a giant company with 22 hospitals in the country, two in Indonesia and with interests in Brisbane, Australia and Thailand. Hardly 10 years into the private hospital business, KPJ gained a reputation within the corporate world as the savior for ailing hospitals. Then in 1994, Siti Sadiah took the bold step when KPJ Healthcare went for public listing on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. This facilitated the spate of acquisitions of brown fields that led to the expansions of KPJ hospitals. Another very shrewd move was in 2005 when KPJ create the REIT Al Aqar to tap on its own real estate while reducing the gearing without losing its market value. As a Managing Director, she is an ardent believer in the transformational leadership style. This is translated into a unique KPJ work culture following the overarching philosophy from the holding company Jcorp. Along the way she also created the enabling environment and equal opportunities for the staff of all levels to improve their skills. KPJ’s work culture is about team effort and not for the glory of one person. Given the strong support from the parent company, KPJ has made tremendous contributions towards realizing the national aspiration of making Malaysia a health tourist destination while offering jobs creations under the ETP. Siti Sadiah created many firsts and for that she received several awards, local as well as regional. Siti Sadiah is synonymous with KPJ as she is the iron lady with a heart of gold and nerves of steel.

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