We and the Other: Substantiating the Basic of the Ideal Relation between Muslim and Non-Muslim in Light of the Islamic Jurisprudence

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We and the Other: Substantiating the Basic of the Ideal Relation between Muslim and Non-Muslim in Light of the Islamic Jurisprudence

Author: Dr. Syed Bashir Ahmad Kasmiri

Publisher: Dar Al Wahi

ISBN: 9789830653648

Weight: 400g

Pages: 378

Year: 2015

Price: RM49

Qatar based Dr. Ali Mohiuddin Al-Qaradaghi is a renowned authority on Islamic jurisprudence. Belonging to the Kurdish decent and a close confident of Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, Dr. Ali has been the Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. Besides his core expertise- the Islamic jurisprudence- he is a leading international consultant on Islamic Banking and Economics.

This book "We and the Other - Sustantiating the Basis of the Ideal Relation between Muslims and Non-Muslims in light of the Islamic Jurisprudence" - first publishes in 2004 by the International Union of Muslim Scholars - translated from Arabic into English by Dr. Syed Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, is a highly relevant piece of research for our turbulently chaotic world today. The heavy baggage of mutual distrust and detestation from the days of ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Spain through to the Crusades and Colonialism has left behind a fuzzy and muddled image of Islam and Muslims in the eyes of others; Muslims too have been seeing the West as the primary cause of all their woes and vilification.

The ferocious distortion campaign perpetrated by various forces aimed at disregarding Islam - the religion of mercy, righteousness and human dignity - so as to disfigure and disregard it and portray it as being a religion of savagery that knew no mercy and contradicted with much needed value of harmonious coexistence with others and thereby relentlessly waved swords of gloom and bloodshed and that Islam was by no means a culmination of the truth revealed through previous heavenly monotheistic creeds.

The accumulation of mutual suspicions has rendered the relations between Muslims and Others characterized by serious apprehensions, skepticism and malevolence, leaving these relations in chaos, which if constantly ignored without deliberations for corrections would certainly lead to further anarchy in thought and deed.

The situation thus called for corroboration of the subject in light of the Islamic jurisprudence so that the authority of authenticity was accentuated, especially when Muslims believe that Islam is the ultimate truth addressed not only to them but to the whole of humankind.

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